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The Young Flames is an inner-city rap group consisting of a group of kids who reside in South Philadelphia. The group is made up of boys ranging from ages 9-13 years old. All the boys in the group attend school together and look at each other as a family who are setting out to make a difference in their community.


The motivation for starting The Young Flames came from a desire to put together a group of young men whom could benefit from positive mentorship. After seeing their deep passion for music, mentoring sessions began to centered on teaching the group how to make their music have a positive message that could uplift their community.


The connection within the Young Flames developed immediately and from there the group decided to take its music to higher levels and record on topics that matter deeply to them. The members are connected to the topics of their music through personal tragedies as well as experiences.


The boys in the Young Flames are huge fans of popular Philadelphia native, Meek Mill, and derived their name from an early mixtape, “Flamers,” in addition to the group considering themselves as “young” and “hot.” Some of the boys have had family members affected by gun violence which inspired them to create their latest song, "Guns Down."

In addition to music development, the Young Flames aim to provide peer mentorship, community service initiatives, as well as exploratory trips to further their knowledge of places around the world. The group has a collective goal of releasing more music that will positively impact those around them.

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